Posted on 10 jun 2011


Nujira Ltd., Cambridge, UK

Nujira Ltd is the world leader in Envelope Tracking technology and solutions for powering energy efficient 4G cellular terminals. Since the Company’s formation in 2002, Nujira has developed the most extensive and complete patent portfolio around Envelope Tracking, with over 200 patents filed or granted worldwide.

Nujira’s patented Coolteq® Modulator technology dynamically modulates the power supply to the circuit in line with the amplitude of the signal, enabling the creation of highly efficient RF Power Amplifiers. Today, Coolteq technology is now being applied to smartphones and other portable wireless devices and working in partnership with established RF subsystem vendors, Nujira is enabling the design of cost-effective multi-mode, multi-band handsets that deliver faster data rates, longer battery life, and better coverage.

New Energy Solutions invested in the company in September 2008.