About NES

NES Partners is an experienced fund manager specialized in driving value in unlisted New-Energy-Solutions companies through active ownership to the benefit of our Investors and Stakeholders.

A leading Player

The first fund managed by NES Partners was founded in June 2002 as one of the very first European equity funds dedicated to Energy Technology investments and NES Partners is, therefore, considered to be a pioneer in this area. This pioneering effort has given NES comparative advantages compared to other fund managers. NES is considered to be a preferred partner in the clean energy industry with a strong network and has access to high quality deal flow. The team has a demonstrated track-record of value-creation and exits. Today, the team manages fund number two with a capital commitment of €109 million. The Investment Team consists of investment professionals with extensive experience in energy technologies, business development and growth equity.

One of the challenges from a growth equity perspective is not just identifying the winners but also in allocating capital over multiple sectors that will develop over a long timeframe. NES believes that keeping alert of new innovations and industry trends and having capital ready for new investments is the key to long term success within this space. NES Partners has followed this strategy since 2002.

The team conducts its investment process as follows:

* The Investment Team is responsible for selecting the best investment cases and present these  to the Advisory Board, often utilizing specialist consultants in the case evaluation and due diligence process

* The Advisory Board is the principal advisory body for assessing new investment and portfolio company follow-up investments

* The NES Partners board will make the final approval of the investment