Smart-glass leader Chromogenics enters Nasdaq First North

March 20th 2017

ChromoGenics AB (publ), a leading provider of dynamic glass with controllable light transmission for solar control and energy efficiency, implements listing of shares and warrants on Nasdaq First North after approved listing application. The first trading day will be March 23rd 2017. Ahead of the listing, ChromoGenics completed an oversubscribed issue of new shares.

ChromoGenics recently received an order to provide ConverLight™ dynamic glass to Fabege’s Grand Central Project in Stockholm. The real estate project will meet the requirements for sustainability certification system BREEAM-SE, level “Very Good”, where ChromoGenics’ dynamic glass contributes to improved energy efficiency and indoor comfort.


GreenOil Delivers Oil Filtration Systems for Maersk and TORM

March 6th 2015

The NES Partners portfolio company, GreenOil, based in Ebeltoft, Denmark had a successful 2014 and the company has had a good start to 2015 as well. During the last twelve months the company has managed to secure and deliver on orders for its oil filtration systems from big marine industry players like global shipping giant Maersk and one of the leading product tanker and dry bulk companies, TORM. Among other things, the GreenOil filters have been installed on Maersk’s flagship fleet of Triple-E container vessels and the company was highlighted in Maersk’s Annual Magazine (pp. 38-40).

TORM has also placed orders following comprehensive trials onboard a number of its vessels that validated the superior performance of GreenOil’s filters compared to existing solutions. The successful trials and value proposition was described in more detail in an article by The Motorship in December 2014.


CamSemi Sold to Power Integrations
January 5th 2015

NES Partners has divested Cambridge Semiconductors (CamSemi), the Cambridge, UK-based designer and manufacturer of power converter chips for consumer electronic devices, through a trade sale to Power Integrations, Inc. The Silicon Valley-based supplier of high-performance electronic components used in high-voltage power-conversion systems is listed on NASDAQ.


Vycon Sold to Calnetix Inc.
November 10th 2014

NES Partners has divested its share in the California, US-based producer of flywheels, Vycon Inc., to Calnetix Inc. Vycon is a manufacturer of technologically advanced flywheels that can store kinetic energy in a rotating mass. The technology is well suited for high-power, short-discharge applications.


NES Partners Registered as EuVECA Manager
August 21st 2014

As one of the first European fund managers, NES Partners has successfully completed its registration with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) as a manager of European venture capital funds and, consequently, is now a registered EuVECA manager as defined in EU Regulation N. 345/2013, of 17 April 2013 (the EuVECA Regulation).


GreenOil Featured in Maersk Post
July 28th 2014

GreenOil, the Ebeltoft, Denmark-based NES Partners portfolio company and producer of oil filters for the marine industry, has been featured in the July 2014 edition of Maersk Post, the internal magazine of the global shipping and oil & gas conglomerate Maersk. The article tells the story of a successful partnership between GreenOil and Maersk which has lead to GreenOil’s filters being installed on Maersk’s Triple-E vessels. It also highlights some of the key value points that the filters have to offer customers within the marine industry.

To view the article, please click here (pages 4-5) or, alternatively, visit GreenOil’s website.


PowerSense Sold to Landis+Gyr
May 15th 2014

NES Partners has sold the Denmark-based portfolio company, PowerSense, to Landis+Gyr. Since NES Partners’ initial investment in 2006, PowerSense has sold and delivered products and services to 35 utilities throughout the world and Landis+Gyr now plans to integrate PowerSense into its European operations.

PowerSense develops and produces high-quality supervision and control systems for the power distribution industry. These supervision and control systems have been designed to retrofit and digitalise existing power distribution infrastructures. This enables grid operators to meet the challenges of the future power grids, where an increasing number of distributed power generation options and unpredictable loads will drastically change the power consumption patterns.

Landis+Gyr is a leading global provider of integrated energy management products with annualised sales of more than $1.6bn and 5,200 employees.

For more information, please see the official press release.


Nujira Raises $20 Million in New Funding
April 3rd 2014

The world’s leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, the UK-based NES portfolio company Nujira, has raised $20 million for working capital to support production ramp of its Coolteq chips, and to fund continued development of the company’s long-term product roadmap. Both existing investors, including NES Partners, and new investors participated in the financing round.

Nujira’s CEO, Tim Haynes, commented: “Envelope Tracking will shortly be a standard component in 4G smartphones and tablets, but we aren’t just focused on how ET can be implemented in the latest handsets; we are already working on the next three generations of our ET chips. The company is in a strong position, we have good traction with some world-leading customers and we have a compelling product roadmap. The new investment will be important in helping us execute our aggressive growth plans, as we look to take advantage of our position as the leading authority on ET.”

Nujira is currently engaged with all major smartphone chipset vendors and expects its Coolteq.L ET chips to be designed into 4G smartphones in 2014. To support its product development roadmap Nujira will shortly be opening a new design centre in Santa Clara, California, which will also provide a base for local applications and operations support to US-based customers and partners.

For more information, please see Nujira’s website.


GreenOil Filters Installed in Maersk Line’s Triple-E Fleet
March 5th 2014

GreenOil, the Danish maker of offline filters for oil cleaning, has won orders from Maersk Line to install its filters in Maersk’s fleet of Triple-E container vessels. The Triple-E ships are the largest of its kind currently in operation.

The orders are a validation of GreenOil’s patented technology and the company is building a platform for international expansion within the marine segment as well as within other relevant markets.

More information is available in an article in Maritime Denmark (pages 12-13), in the January 2014 issue of Maskinmesteren (pages 36-39) (only in Danish) or on GreenOil’s website.


BioGasol Wins Award for its State-of-the-Art Carbofrac Biomass Pre-Treatment System
December 9th 2013

The Ballerup, Denmark-based portfolio company of NES Partners, BioGasol, has won an award for its Carbofrac pre-treatment system for biomass – a system labelled ‘State-of-the-art” by the competition’s judges. BioGasol received the award in the Sustainability category of Mediehuset Ingeniørens Produktpris 2013, an annual competition hosted by the leading Danish Engineering Magazine, Ingeniøren.

BioGasol was founded in 2006 as a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. Among other biological renewable energy technologies, the company develops, manufactures and licenses pretreatment biomass solutions – the Carbofrac™ series – now at a commercial stage. Its sister company, C5 Labs ApS, has developed proprietary high-yield pentose/hexose co-fermentation technology.

For more information, please see the official news (in Danish) or visit BioGasol’s website.


Magma Global Announces £10m Investment in New Factory
November 22nd 2013

Magma Global, the NES Partners portfolio company producing carbon fibre pipes for oil and gas exploration and production, has announced further expansion plans for its Trafalgar Wharf production facility based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. The facility currently employs 150 staff in the production of large high value carbon fibre structures for the Marine and for the Subsea Oil and Gas industries. Magma will develop a further 5.5 acres of the Trafalgar Wharf site to expand its carbon fibre pipe production capability for the Oil and Gas market.

Martin Jones, the CEO of Magma, commented: “Our carbon fibre pipes for oil and gas exploration and production are unique and combine the most advanced materials and production processes in the world today. We are becoming established within the Global oil industry as a supplier to offshore developments in many areas such as Angola and the Gulf of Mexico. This expansion of our manufacturing facilities anchors our production in Portsmouth and will result in a further 100 jobs in the foreseeable future.”

Magma has recently been successful in its application for funding from the Government’s Regional Growth Fund (Round 3), which will support this expansion and contribute £2.25m to the Investment.

For more information, please visit Magma’s website.


Nujira Recognised in Global Cleantech 100 for Third Consecutive Year
October 15th 2013

Nujira Ltd, NES’ Cambridge, UK-based portfolio company and the world’s leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology, has been named in the prestigious 2013 Global Cleantech 100 for the third consecutive year. The Global Cleantech 100 list compiles the most promising private clean technology companies globally, focusing on companies likely to make the most significant market impact in cleantech over the next 5-10 years.

As the world leader in ET technology, Nujira has proved a key innovator in shaping the future of smartphone efficiency and energy control. With its innovative Coolteq® Modulator technology, Nujira has improved the energy efficiency of transmitters for 3G and 4G handsets, base stations and TV broadcast applications by reducing the amount of waste energy dissipated as heat in the RF Power Amplifier circuit.

For more information, please see Nujira’s websiteClick here to view the complete list of Global Cleantech 100 firms.


CamSemi Launches New Controller For Low Cost USB Chargers For Smartphones
September 27th 2013

CamSemi, the Cambridge, UK-based NES portfolio company and emerging global leader in power management ICs, has launched a new product in September. The new C2172PX8 Primary Side Sensing (PSS) controller targets low cost, MoU-compliant USB chargers for smartphones, tablets and other universal input applications rated to 7.5W, whereas the first two controllers in the C2170 family launched in June are optimised for applications to 4W and 6.5W.

David Baillie, CEO of CamSemi commented: “CamSemi’s new C2170 family of PSS controllers set a new benchmark for more ‘cost-efficient’ USB chargers and will help strengthen the company’s strong sales and existing leadership position in the mobile phone charger market”.

For more information, please see the offical press release.


BPL Global Sold to Qualitrol
August 23rd 2013

BPL Global, an NES portfolio company since 2010, has been sold to US-based Qualitrol, a leader in Condition Monitoring of high value assets in the Energy sector. BPL Global’s complete portfolio of Smart Grid technologies, including its Distribution Solutions and Substation Solutions products, will now be integrated within Qualitrol.

Qualitrol is an independent subsidiary of Danaher Corporation (NYSE: DHR).


Nujira Beats Own World Record for ET PA Linearity
June 7th 2013

New performance results from Cambridge, UK-based Nujira shows that the NES portfolio company and world leader in Envelope Tracking (ET) has beaten its own world record for ET PA linearity. Using its patented ISOGAIN® technique to linearize the amplifier Nujira achieved an Adjacent Channel Leakage Ratio (ACLR) of -53dBc, without the use of modem assistance or Digital PreDistortion (DPD). The result beats Nujira’s previous landmark of -50dBc, halving the signal distortion.

Gerard Wimpenny, CTO of Nujira said: “These headline linearity results demonstrate yet again how much of a disruptive shift ET is for the RF front end. The fact that we have been able to significantly improve our own previous linearity record shows the power that our patented ISOGAIN® technique puts in the hands of designers.”

Nujira is the world leader in ET technology and solutions for powering energy efficient 4G cellular terminals, base stations and digital broadcast transmitters and since the company’s formation in 2002, it has developed the most extensive and complete patent portfolio around ET, with over 200 patents filed or granted worldwide.

For more information, please view the official press release.


CamSemi Launches Flexible Low Cost LED Driver IC
April 8th 2013

CamSemi, the NES portfolio company and emerging leader in AC to DC power management ICs for ‘cost-efficient’ off-line power conversion, has announced a new high performance LED driver IC, the C3183, that will provide manufacturers with greater design flexibility in their drive to develop lower cost, more energy-efficient space-constrained LED lamp types.

“CamSemi’s new C3183 LED driver IC offers considerable design and manufacturing flexibility that allows one design to be easily adapted for multiple applications at minimum cost. Lighting manufacturers are urgently looking to develop lower cost, more energy-efficient LED lamp replacements for incandescent lamps and we believe C3183 will be a significant step towards more commercially viable, mass market solutions,” said David Baillie, CEO of CamSemi.

The company’s unique solutions are used by many of the world’s top electronics brands to offer smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient mains adapters and chargers, while reducing their design timescales and manufactured costs.

For more information, please view the official press release or visit CamSemi’s website.


Magma Global Receives Order for m-pipe® Boost Lines
April 4th 2013

Magma Global, the NES portfolio company that designs and manufactures m-pipe®, a high performance pipe created to meet today’s challenging riser, jumper, spool and flowline applications in the oil and gas industry, has announced that a major offshore drilling contractor has placed an order for m-pipe® boost lines for deployment in Q4 2013 on a deepwater drilling riser. The order is part of a qualification test to determine the suitability of m-pipe® for use as riser auxiliary lines.

The use of m-pipe® for drilling riser auxiliary lines is expected to deliver significant benefits in terms of weight reduction and corrosion resistance.

“We are delighted with this first application of m-pipe® in a drilling riser configuration and believe m-pipe® can deliver significant benefits for deepwater and HPHT drilling projects,” comments Steve Hatton, Magma Global’s Commercial Director.

For more information, please visit Magma Global’s website.


Continued Progress in Nujira
February 28th 2013

Nujira Ltd., the world leader in power modulator solutions for delivering power efficient 3G/4G wireless transmitters for Cellular Terminals, Cellular Infrastructure and Digital Broadcast systems, had an eventful month in February releasing a number of press releases that witness the company’s continued progress.

First, on February 11th, the company announced the release of its new “Woodstock” 16-band Multi-Mode, Multi-Band ET reference design for 4G smartphone RF Front Ends which overcomes the energy efficiency and frequency band challenges faced by mobile operators and handset OEMs since the introduction of 4G. Tim Haynes, Nujira’s CEO, commented: “Nujira is the only ET vendor with the ability to support our customers with these complex, leading-edge RF reference designs. Our new reference design provides vendors with a rapid solution for single-SKU global 4G handsets which can beat today’s 3G phones on cost, size, RF performance and power consumption.

On February 18th, Nujira released details of test results that demonstrate how ET technology unlocks the potential of RF CMOS PAs for high end 3G and 4G smartphone applications. By demonstrating the potential for high end applications of CMOS PAs, Nujira has opened the door for what is set to be a hugely disruptive technology shift in the RF market.

Towards the end of the month, on February 25th, Nujira announced that it had passed the 200 patent mark emphasizing that the company has the most extensive ET IP portfolio in the industry. These IP assets are set to become key as ET is adopted across the smartphone industry in 2013 and Nujira is already engaged in licensing discussions with tier one handset OEMs relating to its ET IP portfolio. “With more than 200 patents now filed, granted or in process, we have reinforced our position as the dominant holder of IPR for Envelope Tracking and the acknowledged thought leader of the industry.” commented Tim Haynes in the official press release. “We take our patents very seriously, as anyone who talks to us will know. Patent protection has been a key part of our strategy for the last 10 years, and we believe it will be a key weapon in determining who will be the 800lb gorilla in the ET market.

For more news and the official press releases, please visit Nujira’s website.


ChromoGenics Raises New Funding
February 7th 2013

ChromoGenics, the Swedish NES portfolio company that develops smart window technologies, announced in December 2012 that it had secured a 7.4 mEUR loan from the Swedish Energy Agency as well as new equity financing from existing investors including NES Partners. The new funding will be used to establish manufacturing capacity for the company’s ConverLight™ smart window technology and bring it a major step closer to commercial launch.

ChromoGenics has developed a unique roll-to-roll process for electrochromic coating on plastic foil, rather than coating directly on glass. The processes, materials and methods are backed up by the company’s patents and know-how built up over 20 years. “Our competitors are currently launching smart windows by coating electrochromic materials directly onto glass and building Insulated Glass Units (IGU) in standard sizes,” explained Thomas Almesjö, CEO of ChromoGenics. “But foil-based technology simplifies the design and production process and makes it more flexible with regard to sizes and shapes. Furthermore, coating foil with a roll-to-roll process is scalable, reliable and much more cost-effective, permitting a significantly more flexible value chain and entirely new business models.

For more information, please see the official press release.


Magma Global Raises New Funding
January 8th 2013

Magma Global, the UK-based portfolio company of NES Partners that designs and manufactures high performance carbon fibre pipe for subsea oil and gas applications, has completed a financing round with participation by the company’s two existing financial investors, NES Partners and Kern Energy Partners, as well as the British Growth Fund (BGF) which joins as a new investor. The new funding will be used to finance a new, high-tech manufacturing facility in Southampton which will support production of up to 250km of pipe per year.

In just two years Magma has grown from a team of 5 to a total workforce of 90 and the new facility should add an additional 100 to this number. The company’s order book currently exceeds $70m.

“Kern and NES backed us from the beginning and have been a great support, as we take on more capital to accelerate our growth it’s great to have a UK investor come on board”, commented Martin Jones, CEO of Magma Global.

For more information, please see the official press release.


Magma Global Delivers M-Pipe® Spool to EnQuest

December 21st 2012

NES portfolio company, Magma Global, has delivered an m-pipe® water injection spool to EnQuest, the UK-registered oil and gas development and production company, for its upgrade work on the Thistle Platform in the UK part of the North Sea. The m-pipe® spool will replace a section of existing steel pipe in the water injection header system.

Magma Global designs and manufactures m-pipe® which is a high performance pipe created to meet today’s challenging riser, jumper, spool and flowline applications in the oil and gas industry. Magma has developed m-pipe® to meet the particular challenges from deep water and high pressure, high temperature and sour service operating environments.

For more information, please visit Magma’s website.


Nujira Samples Second Generation Envelope Tracking Chip For Smartphones
October 15th 2012

Nujira Ltd, an NES portfolio company since 2008, announced last week that it is sampling its next generation Envelope Tracking (ET) IC for mobile handsets, the NCT-L1200, to lead partners. The NCT-L1200 has already been delivered to several key platform chipset vendors, and it is the only product currently available on the market that supports the maximum 20MHz channel bandwitdth of LTE.

Nujira’s Coolteq.L family of ET power modulators for handsets reduces wasted energy from PAs in mobile handsets by more than 50%, offering lower heat dissipation as well as extended battery life. Reducing the power consumption of PAs is one of the key challenges facing 3G and 4G smartphone OEMs as demand for higher data rates continue to drive network standards.

The company is currently engaged with 16 major smartphone chipset suppliers to embed its ET technology into their reference platforms and expects its Coolteq.L technology to be designed into 4G smartphones in 2013. Last month Nujira raised $12 million in its latest funding round, securing the rollout of its Coolteq.L IC technology and supporting the ramp to volume production.

For the official press release, please click here.


CamSemi Highlighted As UK’s Fastest Growing Semiconductor Business
September 26th 2012

CamSemi, an NES portfolio company and emerging leader in power management ICs for optimised energy-efficient offline power conversion, has been recognized as one of the UK’s fastest growing private technology companies in the latest Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 report after posting an average annual growth of 85% between 2009 and 2011. The rapid growth was enough to secure CamSemi the 29th position in the annual league table that ranks UK private tech businesses on the basis of average annual sales growth over the last three financial years making it the fastest growing merchant market semiconductor company in the report.

CamSemi was founded as a spin-out from Cambridge University in 2000 and NES made its first investment in the company in 2008.

For the official press release, please click here. To see the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100, please visit


Nujira Raises $12 Million From Latest Funding Round
September 6th 2012

Nujira Ltd, the NES portfolio company and leading player in Envelope Tracking (ET) technology that filed its 150th ET patent in April, has completed a $12 million investment from its investor base which now also includes SAM Private Equity. As Nujira CEO Tim Haynes commented, the investment not only allows Nujira to continue the development of ET, which the company has pioneered over the last ten years, but also reinforces the growing value of the extensive ET patent portfolio. These patents cover not only the core technical breakthrougs that underpin Nujira’s high bandwidth, high efficiency Coolteq® ET modulator ICs, but also wider system elements.

Nujira is currently engaged with 16 major smartphone chipset suppliers to embed its ET technology into their reference platforms and expects its Coolteq.L technology to be designed into 4G smartphones in 2013.

For the official press release, please click here.


Nujira Files 150th Envelope Tracking Patent
April 30th 2012

Nujira Ltd, an NES portfolio company and world leader in Envelope Tracking technology, today announced the filing of its 150th patent relating to Envelope Tracking. The milestone comes just 12 months after reaching the 100 patent landmark in April 2011, reinforcing Nujira’s dominant position in the Envelope Tracking IP landscape.

A fabless semiconductor company located in Cambridge, UK, Nujira is enabling the design of cost-effective multi-mode, multi-band handsets that deliver faster data rates, longer battery life, and better coverage. The company’s mission is to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of transmitters for 3G and 4G handsets, base stations and TV broadcast applications by reducing the amount of waste energy dissipated as heat in the RF Power Amplifier circuit.

For the official press release, please click here.


NES’ Stake in Marine Current Turbines Ltd. Sold to Siemens
February 16th 2012

NES Partners has exited its investment in Bristol, UK-based Marine Current Turbines Ltd. (MCT) through a trade sale to Siemens. MCT is engaged in marine current and tidal stream energy to electricity conversion and has developed a commercial-scale demonstration project in Northern Ireland. Siemens acquired a minority stake in MCT already in 2010 and increased its stake to 45 percent in November 2011.

For the official press release, please click here.


PowerSense Wins Important Tender
January 27th 2012

Danish smart-grid producer PowerSense has won an important tender with the largest power company in Belgium. PowerSense will supply state of the art Smart Grid equipment to digitalize the existing MV and LV power distribution network in the northern part of Belgium.

To view more news about PowerSense, please click here.


PowerSense Recognized for Promoting and Marketing Danish Products Abroad
November 21st 2011

The Danish smart-grid producer PowerSense has been awarded The Diploma of the Danish Export Association and His Royal Highness Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honour for an outstanding effort in promoting and marketing Danish products and services abroad.

Speaking at the awards, Ulrich Ritsing, Chairman of the Danish Export Association, emphasized PowerSense’s ability to combine high tech environmentally friendly solutions with real products manufactured in Denmark, as the type of greentech business that the western world has to rely on.

PowerSense CEO, Brian Sørensen, received the awards from HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark at the ceremony which was held in Sydney on 21st November as part of “State of Green – Join the Future. Think Denmark”, an event organized by Danish Connect and the Danish Foreign Ministry.

To view the press release issued by PowerSense, click here.


Two NES Companies Among the Winners at the Cleantech Connect 2011 Awards
November 18th 2011

Two NES Partners portfolio companies were recognized for their strong potential and performance at the GP Bullhound Cleantech Connect Awards 2011 that was held in London on 14th November. The Cambridge-based producer of envelope tracking technology, Nujira, was named the most innovative company at the awards, while Danish smart-grid company PowerSense won the award for Best Global Potential.

Nujira and PowerSense came in at number 10 and 11 respectively on the list of the fastest growing companies with revenues above €10m. Last month, Nujira also appeared in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, and the Global Cleantech 100.

The GP Bullhound Cleantech Connect Awards honor the fastest growing companies within the cleantech industry and were held for the third consecutive year at Sketch Restaurant in London.

To learn more, please go to


Four NES Partners Companies Selected in the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 List
October 24th 2011

When the 2011 Global Cleantech 100 list was announced in Washington on 17th October, it included the names of four of NES Partners’ portfolio companies; Enecsys (UK), Nujira (UK), O-Flexx (GE), and Soltecture (GE). The list provides a snapshot of the most exciting, innovative and up-and-coming clean technology companies in the world.

It is the second year in a row that four NES companies make the list as Enecsys and O-Flexx were also included last year along with the two Danish companies AquaZ and PowerSense. Nujira and Soltecture were both in the 2009 list.

The Global Cleantech 100 list is produced by research firm The Cleantech Group in cooperation with The Guardian News and Media, and the selection of the 100 companies on the list is made on the basis of more than 6,652 nominations resulting in a longlist of 4,274 companies, along with inputs from a panel of experts.

For the complete list of companies and members of the expert panel, please visit


Nujira Selected for Deloitte’s UK Fast 50
October 18th 2011

Nujira has been ranked 6 on Deloitte’s UK Fast 50 list of high growth technology companies with a growth in revenue of 4,487% over the last five years. The high growth also secured Nujira the spot as the number one growth company in the Cambridgeshire and East regional rankings.

As a producer of envelope tracking technology that significantly reduces energy consumption for radio transmitters, Nujira is operating within the field of energy efficiency which is expected to grow at a high pace in the future.

Deloitte’s UK Fast 50 ranks high growth technology companies in the UK based on percentage growth in stated revenue over five years. This year, the list included a total of three Greentech companies, one more than last year, and Nujira topped this category.

For more information, see


Sulfurcell changes name to Soltecture
May 20th. 2011

On May 20th. 2011 Sulfurcell changed its name to Soltecture. The new name is a contraction of solar, technology and architecture and signals a move from a module making company to a provider of integrated PV solutions.


Nujira finalizes series D extension round
May 10th. 2011

On May 10th. 2011, Nujira, a leading developer of technology to reduce power consumption in smartphone transmitters by 30-50%, finalized a series D extension round of £10 million. Together with NES Partners also Climate Change Capital, Amadeus and Environmental Technologies Fund et al participated. The funding will allow the expansion of Nujira’s handset engineering team to support product development and engagements with leading vendors in the global handset market.


BPL Global finalizes series C-round
May 9th. 2011

On May 9th 2011 BPL Global Ltd., a US smart grid technology company dedicated to leading the transformation of energy and information delivery, finalized a series C funding round. Together with NES Partners also Novitas Capital III, SAIC Venture Capital Corporation, Kuwait Holding Company, El Dorado Investment Company and United Investments Portugal participated. The funding will strengthen BPL’s market position on smart grid solutions and finalize the development of its transformer monitoring program.


Iosil finalizes series A4-round
April 19th. 2011

On April 19th. 2011, Iosil, an innovator in the production of high-purity polysilicon for the solar industry, finalized a series A4-round of $4.4 million. Together with NES Partners also Enertech Capital Partners, Cycad Group, Espirito Santo Ventures, Milcom Technologies et al participated.  The funding will be used to complete the pilot installation plant and validate technology upscaling.


Enecsys finalizes series B-round
April 18th. 2011

On April 18th. 2011 Enecsys, a leading UK provider of reliable, long-life solar micro inverter systems for residential and commercial applications, finalized a series B-round of £25 million. Together with NES Partners also Wellington, Climate Private Equity and Good Energies participated. The funding will be used to execute the company’s growth strategy by accelerating its product development and cost reduction plan and expanding global presence in sales, marketing, customer service and manufacturing to serve every major market.


Management buy-out
Jan. 1st. 2011

The two Managing Partners Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen and Jens Christian Mathiesen have made a management buy-out from BankInvest on Jan. 1st 2011. The new company called NES Partners has taken over the administrative role of the two funds NES I and NES II. The limited partners, advisory board and team remain intact. NES Partners will continue to focus on attractive investment opportunities within new energy solutions in Europe and North America.

Sulfurcell finalizes series B1-round
Dec. 16th. 2010

On Dec. 16th 2010 Sulfurcell, one of the leading German manufacturers of CIS-based thin-film solar modules, finalized a series B1-round of €18.8 million. Together with NES Partners also Intel, VEI, GDF Suez, Climate Change Private Equity, Zouk, Demeter and AIG participated. The funding will be used for the expansion and market introduction of its second generation thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technology.


Four BankInvest NES companies in top 100
Oct. 13th 2010

BankInvest NES has this year four portfolio companies among the 100 most promising cleantech companies worldwide.

PowerSense (DK), AquaZ (DK), Enecsys (UK) and O-Flexx Technologies (DE) were chosen among a list of 4,600 cleantech companies by a panel of 60 international experts. The list was published on October 13th in The Guardian newspaper and at the Cleantech Group?s annual event in New York.

The top 100 list draws on the collective wisdom of the global cleantech community to identify the companies that are most likely to achieve high growth and high market impact whilst delivering significant ecological benefit in the next 5-10 years.

Read more about the Global Cleantech 100 []


NES II invests in Magma Global Ltd.

7.9.2010 13:49   Article

NES II has on the 3rd September 2010 invested in the flexible pipe company Magma Global Ltd. located in Portsmouth, UK. The £ 6 million series A round was shared with Kern Partners and the founders of Magma Global Ltd.

Magma Global Ltd. is focused on designing and manufacturing the next generation of risers and flow-lines for the oil and gas offshore industry. Magma Global aims to introduce new materials and production methods to replace traditional steel and combined steel and plastic solutions, which suffer from corrosion and weight issues when moving into deeper waters and sour production. Magma’s flexible pipes are based on a thermo-plastic solution reinforced by carbon fibres, which reduces the weight by a factor 10, and which doesn’t suffer from corrosion.

Magma’s dynamic flexible risers, static flow-lines and quasi-static jumpers are key integrating technologies safely connecting subsea structures with surface production units and will facilitate a safer operation environment for deep water production as well as facilitating easier recovery at end-of-life.

Read more at the Magma Global website []


Prince of Wales visits Seagen at Strangford Lough

18.5.2010 10:1   Article

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has visited Marine Current Turbines’ SeaGen. Seagen is the world leading marine current and tidal stream technology that is deployed in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough and is generating power into the local grid on a daily basis.


» Read the full article here []


O-Flexx Technologies completes its extended series A-round of financing

3.5.2010 8:0   Article

O-Flexx Technologies has made a succesful closing of a EURO 6.7 million extended series A-round of financing. New investor SET Venture Partners joined Emerald Technology Venture, Atmos, Schneider Electric Venture, SAM Tetec and BankInvest NES II, who invested in the same round back in 2009. BankInvest NES II has committed EURO 1.5 million in this financing round. The company now has secured a strong group of investors who can carry the company forward. The investment will be used to run a manufacturing plant and for commercial introduction.

BI New Energy Solutions II invests in Iosil Energy Corporation

24.3.2010 11:30   Article

BI New energy Solutions II has invested $4 million in a $13.5 million round in Iosil Energy Corporation out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The new investors include SiC Processing, Bekaert, Epic Ventures, and Gideon Hixon who joined the existing investors EnerTech Capital, Cycad Group, and Espirito Santo Ventures, Milcom Technologies, Applied Ventures, Phoenix Fire, and Merrimaker. The initial tranche allows the company to specify and engineer its pilot plant facility in one of several locations under consideration. The full investment will be used by the company to build out a pilot manufacturing plant and prepare for commercial introduction.

See Iosil press release []


BankInvest sells BioGasol to Fjord Capital Partners

16.2.2010 15:30   Article

BankInvest’s venture fund BI New Energy Solutions, has sold all shares in the company BioGasol – which has developed a breakthrough 2nd generation bio-ethanol technology – to Fjord Capital Partners

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Dow and HPL sign technology transfer agreement

7.12.2009 14:48   Article

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE:DOW) has announced the transfer to Dow of collective assets from HPL (High Power Lithium), a company focused on the development of nano-structured energy storage materials and novel electrolytes for use in all lithium ion battery applications.

Read Press Release [Dow_and_HPL_Sign_Technology_Transfer_Agreement_12Nov09_Final.pdf]


Nujira raises 10 MGBP in external financing round

28.9.2009 15:25   Article

Nujira has completed further funding of 10 MGBP, to accelerate development of its handset technology and support expansion into a new market as well as general commercial development of Cellular Infrastructure and TV Broadcast sectors. The round included Environmental Technologies Fund (ETF), a new investor, as well as existing investors BankInvest, 3i, Amadeus, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and private investors.

Nujira’s commercial and technical progress since the NES team’s last investment in 2008 is extremely impressive, and the team is delighted to extend the relationship with the company through a further investment. In the past year, Nujira has extended and strengthened its relationships with major OEMs and has executed well on its technical strategy. This new round will enable Nujira to fully exploit the existing market opportunities that they have developed, as well as enter a major new market.


7 of NES portfolio companies in global Cleantech top 100

25.9.2009 16:21   Article

In a recent selection of the 100 most promising cleantech companies worldwide NES was represented by 7 portfolio companies. The list was compiled by the Cleantech Group, a  provider of global research, events and advisory services on cleantech innovation together with the Guardian. More than 3500 companies were whittled down to a list of 100 by a group of 35 international cleantech experts. The companies were selected on the basis of their ability to provide ground-breaking technologies which can propel the planet to a greener and safer place.

The selected NES portfolio companies were:  CamSemi (UK), Sulfercell (DE), Marine Current Turbines (UK), BioGasol (DK), ChromoGenics (SE), Nujira (UK) and Danfoss AquaZ (DK).


Direct Drive Systems Inc. acquired by FMC Technologies Inc.

11.9.2009 12:53   Article

BI New Energy Solutions I has successfully sold its investments in Direct Drive Systems to FMC Technologies as part of FMC Technologies acquisition of the company. FMC Technologies acquires Direct Drive Systems at a valuation of $120 million. BI New Energy Solutions I is a significant investor in Direct Drive Systems and has been supporting the company since April 2006. The fund is pleased with the transaction and sees the acquisition by FMC as a natural consequence of Direct Drive Systems innovative electric motor designs which will now be offered additional growth opportunities within FMC Technologies.

FMC Press Release []


Extended series A-round in O-Flexx Technologies

3.8.2009 15:45   Article

NES II has on the 26th of June 2009 participated in a EURO 4.7 million extended series A-round in O-Flexx Technologies. The round was shared among the current investors and the two new investors Atmos Holding and SAM Tetec.

The funding will be used for aquiring production equipment and to ramp up the organisation.


NESS II invests in Enecsys

18.6.2009 10:38   Article

NESS II has on the 10th of June 2009 invested in the micro-inverter company Enecsys located in Cambridge. The £ 6 million Series A round was shared with Wellington Partners.

Enecsys is an award winning company which was formed as a result of acquiring intellectual property from the University of Cambridge. Its name is derived from Energy Conversion Systems. Enecsys has developed a micro-inverter to be connected to each individual solar PV panel which can give cost savings up to 25% compared to traditional inverters. The installation is also simpler and the lifetime of 20-25 years is on par with the solar panels.

The annual inverter market is $ 2.5 billion and Enecsys has the potential to cause a disruptive change in this market.


BI NES has invested in 5 of the top 10 most promising cleantech companies in Europe

29.9.2008 10:58   Article

BI NES has invested in 5 of the top 10 most promising cleantech companies in Europe according to the Guardian Library House 2008 Cleantech 100 analysis

The Guardian Library House 2008 Cleantech 100 represents the most promising private cleantech companies in Europe, selected by rigorously assessing companies using Library House proprietary data filters, and an expert advisory panel. The Guardian Library House 2008 cleantech 100 was developed to highlight a group of the most promising private cleantech companies in Europe, with company selection based on their potential for future growth and environmental impact. The list represents a mixed spectrum of companies, reflecting the diversity of the technology within the cleantech sector. Typically companies in the list will have leading edge products and technologies that are just coming to market, or are on the verge of commercialisation. All of the Guardien Library House 2008 Cleantech 100 shares the potential for significant growth and environmental impact.

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BI NES II invests in nujira Ltd.

17.9.2008 15:5   Article

Nujira is the leading supplier of ultra-high efficiency RF power amplifier technology. Founded in 2002 by a team with a history of high profile equipment designs for major blue-chip telecommunications companies, and backed by major technology venture funds, our mission is to change the way RF power amplifiers are designed. In the cellular and digital broadcast infrastructure markets, Nujira’s High Accuracy Tracking (HAT) Power Modulators for 3G, evolved 3G, DVB and WiMAX broadband RF power amplifiers enable equipment vendors to design flexible, power-efficient, smaller, cheaper base stations and transmitters to meet the increasingly demanding needs of operators and broadcasters worldwide. For cellular handsets, Nujira is working in partnership with established RF subsystem vendors to enable the design of cost-effective multi-mode, multi-band handsets with extended battery life.

BI NES II is the lead investor in this round. The round sees further investments from existing investors: Amadeus Capital Partners, 3i, Cambridge Capital and Cambridge Angels.

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World’s first commercial-scale tidal power system feeds electricity to the National Grid

17.7.2008 13:44   Article

The world’s first commercial-scale tidal turbine, located in Northern Ireland’s Strangford Lough and developed by British tidal energy company, Marine Current Turbines (MCT) Ltd, has delivered electricity onto the grid for the first time.

The tidal current turbine, known as SeaGen, has briefly generated 150kW of power onto the grid as part of its commissioning work, ahead of it achieving full capacity in a few weeks time. SeaGen’s power is being intentionally constrained to 300kW during the commissioning phase, but once fully operational, it will generate 1.2MW of power, supplying clean and green electricity to the equivalent of 1000 homes.



BI NES II invests in Sulfurcell

14.7.2008 16:10   Article

Sulfurcell develops, manufactures and distributes thin-film photovoltaic solar modules using a proprietary technology based on CIS/CIGSe. Sulfurcell’s PV solar modules are characterised by high power output, even at elevated temperatures or under partial shading. Their unobtrusive and homogeneous outward appearance meets the highest aesthetic expectations. Sulfurcell is a spin-off from the Hahn-Meitner Institute (HMI) in Berlin and is currently among the top 3 of approximately 20 manufacturers of CIS/CIGSe based solar modules worldwide. The company employs a staff of 130. With this financing Sulfurcell will transfer its proprietary production technology, developed in its pilot plant, into mass production.

BI NES II invested alongside Intel Capital, Climate Change Capital Private Equity, AIG Investments, DEMETER, Zouk Ventures and and Conetwork and existing investors.

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BI NES II invests in GreenOil

11.7.2008 13:41   Article

BI NES II invests in GreenOil that manufactures and markets a series of compact oil filtration and water separation units. The equipment secures unique cleanliness levels and extreme low water contents in technical oils. The filter technology offers the best specifications for deep filtration of oils. All units are equipped with a patented water separation that removes free, emulsified and bound water continuously. By utilising the equipment the customer/user can expect waste reduction on maintenance costs and down times and prolonged lifetimes of production equipment and installations.

GreenOil is a privately-held, Danish company located in Ebeltoft, Denmark. BI NES II was the only participant in this financing round.

BI invests alongside existing investors: Innovation Midt Vest and local investors.

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BI NES II invests in HPL

10.7.2008 13:39   Article

HPL has identified the cobalt-free high-voltage phosphates as materials that can be used to cost-effectively manufacture inherently-safe industrial Li-ion batteries offering superior performance. The company has developed a nano-structured LiMnPO4 cathode to be used in Li-Ion batteries that will offer none of the disadvantage of regular (cobalt) Li-Ion batteries (among others the risk of explosion). With funding by BI NES II HPL has continues its technology and commercial developments. The primary use of the funds is intended to develop high power/high energy cells for live testing by battery producers. HPL intends to license its unique technology to the major battery producers for the very big applications (e.g. hybrid electrical vehicles), while keeping some niche battery applications for own production.

BI invests alongside existing investors: Draper Fisher Jurvetson ePlanet, Initiative Capital Romandie and local investors.

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Marine Current Turbine installs the world’s first megawatt-scale tidal turbine

30.5.2008 10:45   Article

The NES I company, Marine Current Turbine, has successfully completed the installation of its 1.2 MW Seagen tidal energy system in Strangford Narrows in Northern Ireland. When fully operational the tidal system’s 16 meters diameter, twin rotors will operate for up to 18-20 hours per day to produce enough clean green electricity, equivalent to that used by a 1000 homes. Marine Current Turbine is a UK based global leader in tidal stream technology.

Further information:


BI NES II invests in CamSemi

19.5.2008 13:13   Article

BI NES II invests in CamSemi, an emerging leader in power management ICs for optimized energy-efficient offline power conversion, based in Cambridge, UK. The company’s unique solutions and approach can help manufacturers of mains-powered electronics develop smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient products while also reducing their design timescales and system costs. The company was founded to bring to market a new generation of sophisticated power management ICs that help manufacturers more easily meet the world’s increasing demand to save energy but at acceptable cost. CamSemi’s products are based on its portfolio of patented and proprietary technologies including intelligent control architectures and PowerBraneTM which allows near-ideal switching performance of power devices such as LIGBTs and MOSFETs. These breakthrough approaches can benefit multiple markets, although initial products are targeted at the switch mode power supply and lighting sectors.

BI NES were the only participant in this financing round. The existing investors include 3i, Amadeus and Carbon Trust investments.

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BI NES II invests in ChromoGenics Sweden AB

6.12.2007 15:37   Article

ChromoGenics Sweden AB is a leading developer of electrochromic technology – a patented glass laminate green technology which greatly reduces or eliminates the need for air conditioning in buildings and vehicles.

Applications for ChromoGenics electrochromic technology include sectors such as construction, property and transportation and it provides these sectors with a highly cost effective solution to the growing requirements for energy consumption reduction and the need for greener and more energy efficient buildings and vehicles. For example, the electrochromic technology developed by ChromoGenics creates new ways of using windows in buildings and can help reduce energy consumption in buildings by up to 50%. ChromoGenics ultra-thin electrochromic plastic foils, which can be applied to glass (including retrofitting to existing installations) or used as laminates between layers of glass, can vary their degree of darkness, thereby automatically regulating the amount of light and heat radiation that passes through them.

The funding by BankInvest will complete ChromoGenics? financing of scaled-up of production capacity. In October 2007, ChromoGenics successfully secured funding from existing shareholders and a new investor, Industrifonden of Sweden.

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BI NES II invests in Atraverda

6.11.2007 15:17   Article

BI NES II invests in Atraverda, an Advanced Materials Company, based in South Wales, UK. Atraverda’s technology base is founded on the properties of its versatile proprietary Ebonex® technology, a titanium sub-oxide material which has a unique combination of metallic-like electrical conductivity along with the characteristic high corrosion resistance of ceramics. Primary applications include a bi-polar battery which is set to revolutionize a host of markets including the emerging hybrid electric vehicles sector, personal mobility, standby power, defence and telecoms. Atraverda’s green tech credentials are cemented by the fact that Ebonex® technology bi-polar batteries employ significantly less lead than conventional batteries therefore delivering huge environmental and cost reduction benefits. The battery is assembled with simpler and fewer manufacturing processes reducing the environmental footprint. The investment will be used to accelerate Atraverda’s growth, enhance product development and develop further commercial opportunities.

BI NES and co-investor ES Ventures of Portugal were leading this financing round, while the existing investors UK-based Scottish Equity Partners, Chord Capital and Finance Wales and US-based EnerTech Capital and OnPoint Technologies continue to contribute.

Further information []


Advisory Board Strengthened

28.9.2007 14:49   Article

Since former chairman Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen resigned to become managing partner of NES the NES advisory board has seen a change in its composition. Tim Jackson took over as chairman effective as of 1st May 2007, and the advisory board was further strengthened by the inclusion of Tony Davis, Knud Pedersen and Torben V. Holm as new members. The new advisory board members have complementary experiences and forms together with the existing member Michael Bode and Tim Jackson a very competent advisor to the investment team.


Launch of Cleantech Scandinaiva

28.9.2007 10:13   Article

Cleantech Scandinavia has been launched. This is network for actors active in the growth and expansion of the Scandinavian cleantech industry. BankInvest New Energy Solutions is one of the founding members.

Read the full press release here []


Investment team strenghtened

10.8.2007 15:15   Article

Jan Depenau, Ph.D in electronics and MBA, began as new partner in the investment team in August. Jan has a long track record in engineering, business development and management and will primarily focus on sourcing and evaluating new investment opportunities. He joins the two new associates, Mads Moeller and Jesper Christensen, who started in July. Mads and Jesper both hold master degrees in financing and will focus on financial analysis and valuations. The industrial and financial skills of the new team members are a significant strengthening of the investment team.

This brings the regular team up to 4 partners and 2 associates wheras Even Bakke will continue as investment partner on reduced time.


BI NES II investing in O-Flexx

25.7.2007 13:23   Article

BI NES II has made its first investment in O-Flexx technologies GmbH, an early stage company focusing on development and production of thermo-electric solar products that transforms heat into energy. The company is located in Rattingen, Germany. The co-investors include Emerald Technology Ventures, Schneider Electric Ventures and Partech International.


Cellex Power sold to Plug Power

10.4.2007 15:53   Article

Cellex Power has been sold to Plug Power, an established leader in integration of fuel cell technology into backup systems for telecommunication, utilities and UPS applications. Through this acquisition, Plug Power will diversify its commercially viable fuel cell portfolio with products that target the multi-billion dollar material handling battery market. The exit takes place only 1 year after BankInvest New Energy Solution’s first investment in April 2006.



Vycon Inc. listed on AIM

10.4.2007 15:51   Article

Vycon Inc. anounced the 6th of March its admission to trading on the AIM stock exchange under the symbol VYCO.

Vycon has placed 10,307,292 new common shares at a placing price of 89 pence ($1.75), thus raising  a gross proceeds of the placing of GBP9.2 million ($18.0 million). Vycon’s market capitalisation will be approximately GBP26.9 million ($52.9 million) following admission at the placing price.

Vycon was established in 2002 and BankInvest New Energy Solution made its first investment in June 2004.



Second closings for New Energy Solutions Fund 2.

28.2.2007 16:1   Article

BankInvest has now closed the second subscription period for its new venture fund BI New Energy Solutions II. In the second round, 40 million euros were subscribed, which brings the total commitments up to 65 million euros so far. It is expected that the fund will be fully subscribed during the first half of 2007 with a final subscription amount of about DKK 1.1 billion (150 million euros).


New Managing Partner of NES

30.1.2007 13:39   Article

Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen, chairman of the NES Advisory Board, will begin as new Managing Partner on June 1st, 2007. He will be leading the new NES 2 fund, which started off in December 2006 as well as the NES 1 fund, which has been operating since 2002.

Poul Erik is EE from the Danish Technical University of Copenhagen and has since his graduation in 1979 held a number of leading positions within the Danish industrial sector. He has an extensive experience in acquisitions, product development and in creating growth for newly established companies. Since 1992, Poul Erik has been CEO of the Danish energy meter company Kamstrup, which he has transformed from an old family-driven company to the world’s largest manufacturer of meters for district heating. Furthermore, he holds a number of board positions in Danish companies as well as in several industry councils.

In 2006, Poul Erik took on the role as chairman of the NES Advisory Board.

In the industry, Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen is considered as sharp and analytically skilled with a profound professional knowledge. Among his employees, he has the reputation of being a good listener, who stimulates enthusiasm and teamwork.

“We are pleased that Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen has accepted to be the new Managing Partner of NES. Through his role as chairman of the NES Advisory Board, we have come to know Poul Erik as a both a dedicated and profound professional and a pleasant, competent leader. We are convinced that his leadership will be a great asset to the organisation and a significant gain for the NES funds’ ability to produce attractive returns for investors”, says Bjarne Thorup, Chief Investment Officer of BankInvest Group.


First closings for New Energy Solutions Fund 2

16.1.2007 9:44   Article

BankInvest has just closed the first subscription period for its new venture fund: BI New Energy Solutions II. So far, commitments worth more than DKK 400 million have been made, and it is expected that the fund will be fully subscribed during the next six months with a total subscription amount of about DKK 1.1 billion (EUR 150 million).

Press Release []


Pemeas sold to BASF

22.12.2006 14:0   Article

Pemeas has been sold to BASF, the world’s largest chemical company in Dec. 06. BASF considers Pemeas a strategic fit, which will speed up its activities in energy management. Pemeas was founded in April 2004 and BankInvest New Energy Solutions was among the first investors. The exit takes place only 2½ years after the first investment in June 2004.

Press Release []

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Biogasol pilot plant, MaxiFuels, inaugurated by the Minister of Transportation and Energy

17.11.2006 16:17   Article

The first fully integrated Danish bioethanol pilot plant – was inaugurated in Sept. at DTU, the Technical University of Denmark, by the Minister of Transportation and Energy Flemming Hansen.







BankInvest New Energy Solutions has a 47% ownership and majority votes in Biogasol.

“MaxiFuels brings Denmark in the lead in the international 2nd generation bioethanol race, where agricultural waste products are used instead of articles of food. This plant is the first of its kind in the world and on DTU we are proud to give Denmark a central role in the future bio-ethanol adventure,” says Knut Conradsen, prorector on DTU.

The founder, Birgitte K. Ahring, emphasizes that MaxiFuels possess great economic as well as environmental potential. The technology behind the plant can be utilized in future biorefineries for production of bioethanol and for other products than oil refineries produce today. Examples are products we use for production of acetic acid, polyester and nylon. With the biorefineries we are able to make oil reserves last for more years. Simultaneously the MaxiFuels bioethanol is already competitive to the worlds cheapest bioethanol from Brazil. No other plant has so far been competitive to Brazil’s 1st generation bioethanol but with MaxiFuels’ 2nd generation technology it is now possible to produce bioethanol at a lower cost. The reason for this is the fact that the raw material is fully use.





Calculations show that the pilot plant produces bioethanol at a price of 2.35 DKK per liter.

This price will decrease considerably when production in larger production plants is commenced and by further optimization of the process. In addition there are great environmental and energy advantages by utilizing all the raw material. E.g. is the processing water purified from organic materials by a biogas process, which means that the processing water is recycle for further use.

The pilot plant is the first step towards a commercialization of the technology. Professor Birgitte K. Ahring anticipates that within the next two years we will see the first bioethanol demonstration plant based on the MaxiFuels technology in Denmark. Furthermore the pilot plant will be used for further basic research, for contributions to new knowledge and optimiza-tion of 2nd generation bioethanol processes.

The background of MaxiFuels: MaxiFuels is financed by Energistyrelsen’s energy research programme (EFP 2005 – programme), DTU, Energi E2 and Novozymes. The plant has cost approx. 25 million DKK. The technology behind the plant is protected by several patents and patent applications.


PowerSense A/S has hired Poul Lind as CEO

15.11.2006 14:39   Article

Poul Lind was prior to this acting CEO for “Sales & Distribution” at DONG Energy, the largest energy company in Denmark.

“We consider this to be a price that a heavyweight champion as Poul Lind has accepted the leading role in one of our portfolios. It merely shows the huge growth potential in PowerSense A/S, not only in Denmark but also in Europe and the rest of the world. We are convinced that Poul Lind’s tremendous business experience, network and commitment will transform PowerSense A/S into a successful, international company, quickly” says chairman of the board at PowerSense A/S and vice president in BankInvest New Energy Solutions, Jens Chr. Mathiesen.

PowerSense A/S has developed a technology for monitoring and detection of distribution power grid using optic sensors installed within the transformer facilities. The technology enables the power companies to optimize the utilization and improving the reliability of the existing power grid to avoid unnecessary investments in extra capacity.

P/S BI New Energy Solutions is the main investor in PowerSense.

Read more at the PowerSense website,


BankInvest NES sponsor for the European Energy Venture Fair (EEVF) for the fifth consecutive year.

6.9.2006 13:37   Article

Since its start in 2001, the EEVF has grown to be the key European forum to discuss energy trends and investment opportunities for venture capitalists.

The latest fair in Zürich the 11-12th of Sept. was another great success with strong support from both investors and more than 15 presenting companies that were seeking funding amongst the VC companies that represented a total investment capital of about 2.5 BUSD.

BankInvest NES is pleased to have been among the partners in establishing this European Energy Venture Capital platform and will continue to take a leading role in the conference organization for 2007.

This year program focused on some of the most timely topics, such as: How to make successful exits, second generation biofuels and advanced materials.

The sessions were presented by top specialists from UBS Investment Bank, Schmack Biogas AG, the Danish Technical University, DuPont, Cientifica and SAM among others. Marie Mikkelsen from or portfolio company BioGasol ApS, spoke about their second generation ethanol process that uses agricultural residues as feed stock rather than foods like sugar, wheat or corn.

The keynote speaker, Bertrand Piccard, expressed his very enthusiastic vision of making a round the world flight in a purely solar driven plane. Bertrand Piccard comes from a family of adventurers and was the first person to make a round the world flight in a hot air balloon without stops.

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