Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen

Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen

Poul Erik Schou-Pedersen
Managing Partner

Poul Erik is EE from the Danish Technical University of Copenhagen and has since his graduation in 1979 held a number of CEO- and Board-positions within the Danish and British industrial sector and in several industry councils. He has an extensive experience in M&A, business- and organisational-development and in creating growth for newly established companies.

From 1992-2007 Poul Erik was CEO of the Danish energy meter company Kamstrup, which he transformed from a domestic family-driven company into the world’s largest and most profitable manufacturer of meters for district heating and a significant producer in the space of remote-reading electricity-meters with a million metering points deployed in the Nordic region by 2007.

Poul Erik was chaiman of the advisory board for BI New Energy Solutions when he took over as Managing Partner in 2007. He lead the buyout from Bankinvest of the New Energy Solutions Venture funds and the establishing of NES Partners through 2010.

Portfolio-Company Role
Atraverda Ebonex Chairman
ChromoGenics Board member
GreenOil Standard ApS Board member