Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The most important task of the Advisory Board is providing advice and sparring to the NES Partners Investment Team on new investments and follow-up on investments already made. Through the Advisory Board the Investment Team and the portfolio companies get access to an extensive network within the energy sector.

The individual investments are decided by the Investment Team on the basis of extensive and systematic analyses where relevant advice from the Advisory Board is an important parameter. In addition, individual members of the Board are often asked to participate in the analysis of projects within their specific areas of expertise. They also provide access for NES Partners to their individual network of expertise.

One of the core competences of the Advisory Board and the Investment Team is their unique knowledge of the global energy sector. NES Partners’ team has a strong know-how in this investment space due to documented experience in business development and market knowledge. The professional and systematic exchange of knowledge and experience between the team and the Advisory Board is crucial for the proper selection of the best companies within the alternative energy sector.

Members of the Advisory Board:

Tim Jackson, PhD (Chairman)
Dr. Jackson is a Professor at the University of Surrey in the UK. He has specialised in sustainable development and is doing research in scenarios for the development of energy, energy policies, the environmental impact of energy consumption, renewable energy as well as taxation of and trading in CO2 emissions. Tim Jackson has advised various organisations and governments on energy-related issues, e.g. the British Government, Shell International, Greenpeace, EU, UN and the World Bank. He is currently an adviser to the British Government on energy productivity and renewable energy. Tim Jackson represents political insight in relation to decisions on alternative energy.

Gehan Amaratunga, FREng, FRSA, FIET, CEng
Dr. Amaratunga holds the 1966 Professorship in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. His research group was amongst the first to demonstrate integration of logic level electronics for signal processing and high voltage power transistors in a single IC (chip). His current research interests are focussed on nanomaterials and devices for low power sensing, energy conversion and energy storage. He leads the research programme on this topic within the Nokia-Cambridge strategic alliance in nanoscience and technology. He is a co-founder of CamSemi and of Enecsys. Professor Amaratunga was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2004. In 2007 he was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal “for outstanding personal contributions to British engineering”.

Tony Davies, OBE
Mr. Davies founded Bowman Power, a company specializing in high speed turbo-generators for the recovery of energy from waste heat. Mr. Davies is the CEO of Bowman Power and he has non-executive directorships of Aeroform Group plc, Ocean Quay Management, Marine Current Turbines Limited and TTP Capital Partners. Mr. Davies currently also chairs the Southampton Hub. Mr. Davies has extensive experience in developing new technology based businesses and of successfully managing them from start-up to investor exit, including the successful trade sale of his first company in 1977 and the flotation of his second business in 1987. Mr. Davies was also an Industrial Adviser to UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.